22 Ideas to Improve Your Brand's Social Media


  1. Create remarkable content. Make it entertaining, useful and to the point. If no one reads your content you have wasted your time.
  2. Interact with people who interact with you. Such a simple concept, but one that is overlooked by too many users. Be polite and engage in the conversation.
  3. Test. Use analytic software to test your posts. Look at the data and determine which posts have resulted in clicks. Then create more posts like those. Did you put up a piece of quality content that didn’t draw clicks? Try a new headline, a new image or even tweak a word or two. Reanalyze and learn from the test. Our company uses HubSpot, and also enrolls all our content marketing and inbound marketing clientele on HubSpot as well.
  4. Use as many social media channels as possible as often as possible. Your audience can probably be found across the social media spectrum, so invest the time to learn the various channels.
  5. Post and repeat! 71% of all tweets are ignored, according to Search Engine Journal. So tweet frequently and repeat yourself at intervals in order to expose your content to as many consumers as you can.
  6. Be a good netizen. Interact with others on their blogs, Twitter streams and Facebook.
  7. Use images! You will get a 35% bump in retweets on Twitter alone if you include an image, according to the Twitter Media Blog.
  8. Other options to boost engagement with your posts: videos, links, hashtags and quotes. Use a nice mix of them in your social media strategy.
  9. Tell the story. Every image, tweet, post and video should tell a story.
  10. Be seasonal. Stay in the mood of the season and let some of your content just reflect the time of year. Your audience is celebrating: celebrate with them!
  11. Post. Pretty basic information, but be consistent with posting. Determine a schedule and stick to it. How often should you post? As often as you want to get found. Just keep posting.
  12. Pay attention to the time. Half of the population of the United States lives in the Eastern Time Zone. 80% lives in either the Eastern or Central Time Zones. Visual.ly
  13. Research what keywords are doing on social media with a tool such as Social Searcher.
  14. Listen. Set up some streams to monitor and then pop in every day or so to see what others are talking about. Our company, for instance, monitors streams such as “Inbound Marketing” and “Content creation.”
  15. Fill out your profiles! It is easy to forget to keep your company descriptions and profile pictures up to date, but make sure you do. Check all your URL’s and social media links while you are at it.
  16. If you can’t track it, you can’t prove its value. Keep an eye on click thru rates and other key indicators of ROI. You may need those statistics one day.
  17. Use special offers. Give your Facebook fans a discount or run a contents on Twitter. Reward your loyal fans.
  18. Watch for new networks. Not every new app or network will be appropriate for your brand, but it’s worth knowing what is hot and what is “out.” Jump into a new network and give it a trial run – if it isn’t for you, leave it behind. You may find yourself the darling of the next Vine!
  19. Speak in your own voice. You most likely spent a good deal of time developing your brand’s voice and personality. Make sure you stay consistent across all channels! We help our clientele discover their brand archetype, and then apply that archetype to virtually every message they produce. Be you.
  20. Skip the intern. Unless you have the savviest intern we’ve ever seen, be careful about bundling your social media into an intern project and dumping it on their desk. There is an art and science to delighting your customers over social media. Fortunately getting help is easy and far less expensive than the cost of cleaning up a social faux pas or hiring a dedicated employee.
  21. Know your market. If you are primarily a B2B company, you may find your niche on LinkedIn rather than the more generalized Twitter. B2C companies often find their audience surfing Facebook. Do some research to target your efforts.
  22. Create a campaign to organize your social media strategy. With a good editorial calendar you can coordinate your blog posts, social media posts and email efforts.


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