Why your company needs video now

As an innovative and forward-thinking marketing professional, you know the importance of developing, launching, and managing an inbound marketing program that attracts not only visitors to your company’s website, but also the specific personas who need your company’s products, services, and solutions. While inbound marketing is an effective way to promote your company by bringing visitors to your company’s website and social media platforms, the content needs to be fresh and creatively presented. One of the most important ingredients to a successful inbound marketing platform is the integration of high-quality, engaging, and informative videos.

Here are four reasons why your inbound marketing campaign needs to include videos:

State-of-the-art video production on your website will produce results you can measure.

By strategically placing  high-end, interesting videos on your website’s home page, landing pages, and blogs, you are not only increasing the number of new and repeat visitors to your website, but also the length of time each visitor spends on your website. The longer a visitor peruses your website, the more likely they are to invest in your products and services. According to Marketing Sherpa ~ a research firm that specializes in tracking what works and what doesn’t work in all facets of business marketing, marketing managers who incorporate online videos into their inbound marketing campaign (whether on websites and/or on one of the many social media platforms) attract 3x as many visitors every month,  increase the amount of time visitors spend at the site by 50%, and increase non-paid traffic by nearly 160% from search engines.

The best measure of success is the ever-increasing number of leads and prospects engage with your videos on your website and who look forward to the next easy-to-access and goosebump-inflicting video. As your numbers increase with each new video posted, you’ll see what a necessary component videos are to attracting visitors. Use an analytics tool such as HubSpot marketing automation software combined with Wistia’s video analytics to prove and track the audience engagement driven by your video.

High-end video production on your website engages the audience and puts your customer first.

There is a reason Red Bull’s YouTube page gets millions of subscribers ~ they market to their audience. Period. The extreme sports action videos Red Bull produces to market its brand feature the consumers, the users, the audience, the individuals who drink their product. Instead of focusing their energies on marketing a skinny red aluminum can, they concentrate on sharing compelling stories and highlighting exciting moments in the lives of their energy-guzzling enthusiasts. While you can certainly tell a story in print that engages, moves, and draws the reader in, videos can do the same thing – while reaching more viewers faster.   In his book featuring Red Bull as a case study in exceptional marketing techniques, author Mark Collier shared,“Everything about the brand’s content, marketing and communication efforts is about its customers and what’s important to them. The product itself is secondary to the activities that the customer engages in and cherishes.”

Engaging video production addresses diverse needs

Your company’s product doesn’t need to be an energy drink in order for you to include top-of-the-line videos into your inbound marketing campaign. Videos don’t need to just be of breathtaking skylines, head-turning feats, or jaw-dropping acts. Videos can be used to accomplish many different objectives – but with the one main goal in mind: to attract and compel your visitor and viewer to do something. Your video production efforts can create videos that are purposefully designed to:

  • provide product demonstrations ~ helping the viewer learn how to do something before or after the purchase of the product.
  • provide training ~ helping your visitors understand new concepts, processes, or ideas.
  • establish your company as thought leaders in the space.
  • give your audience a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your company culture, driving brand loyalty in the process.

Integrated video production is accessible on multiple devices

Today your target audience is seeking and accessing information about your products, services, and solutions across various electronic devices. If produced correctly, the videos you post on your company website and on your social media platforms should be able to be accessed seamlessly via your audience’s desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, and other 21st century gizmos  and gadgets. In a 2013 Gartner study, inbound marketing campaigns that integrate more than 3 diverse digital channels  “will outperform single-or dual-channel campaigns by 300%.”

Inbound Marketing across channels

If you want to help your company be ahead of the competition, monetize your website, and create inbound marketing programs that position your company as a  state-of-the-art, 21st century contender, you have to include high-end videos in your marketing efforts. You want your company website to be the “go to” industry expert location where visitors and customers repeatedly return for relevant, interesting, and engaging information ~ via many platforms, including videos.  It doesn’t matter how large or seemingly-small your current target audience may be, if you purposefully develop thoughtful and creative content, your audience size will increase, visitors will transform into customers, and customers will become loyal, repeat buyers who refer your products and services to others.

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