Business Blogs Drive Marketing ROI

Read that statistic again.

Marketers who consistently blog are 13X times more likely to enjoy a positive ROI for their efforts.

Why does blogging work so well?

  • Every blog you post is another opportunity to create a page for Google to crawl, rank and promote for you. Google is always looking for useful, fresh information that answers real questions for searchers. Be there with the answers!
  • Create a community and start a discussion with your readers. Blogs level the playing field and give your clientele access to the thought leadership of your company.
  • Blogs are opportunities for incoming links to your website, which builds authority and traffic for you.
  • 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers, according to HubSpot. That’s reason enough right there!
  • Blogging keeps you creating content day in and day out, and it gives you a structure to think about your buyer personas.
  • Blogs help you build your email subscription list. Creating a list of interested buyers who have already engaged with your brand and content is a crucial component of your creative content marketing strategy!
  • Blogging doesn’t have to be all written posts. Consider using creative video posts to engage your audience. Video on a website page results in longer viewing times and more engagement with your brand.
  • Blogging keeps you updating your brand image day after day.
  • You are positioned as a thought leader and an industry expert by consistently highlighting trends and concepts for your audience.

Blogging still seem like too much work?

Consider this graphic from HubSpot’s recent “State of Inbound 2014” report. Social Media, blogging and SEO are the top three categories of increasing lead generation sources over the past six months. In one way or another, blogging encompasses all of the top forms of increasing your leads and maximizing your investment in creative content creation.[distance1]

Blogging is one of most import lead generation sources from the past 6 months

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