Inbound Marketing Services for Addiction Treatment Centers

As audiences turn away from traditional media, inbound marketing has become a staple across numerous industries. For industries like technology and consumer goods, this transition was a no brainer as companies followed their tech-savvy target markets into the digital space. One industry, however,  that has just begun realizing the potential of inbound marketing is the field of addiction treatment. While an increasing number of organizations are successfully adopting these tactics, many have yet to discover their value.

If you are marketing an addiction treatment center or a related service focusing on the rehab industries, you will want to implement an inbound content marketing plan.  Below is a discussion focused on inbound marketing services for addiction treatment centers and the benefits of this dynamic approach.

Become a Thought Leader

Inbound marketing materials are an opportunity for your brand to establish itself as an industry leader. White papers, educational videos, blog posts and resource lists are all elements that simultaneously benefit your audience and improve your reputation.

An example of an organization that has recognized the value of inbound marketing services for addiction treatment centers is 12 Keys Rehab. The 12 Keys Rehab Blog is full of relevant content such as their article “5 Things Addicts Convince Themselves are True” and their infographic “The Science of Habit“. These pieces of content exemplify the way in which 12 Keys is using inbound marketing to offer people something interesting, creative and informative. Not only do these pieces grab people’s attention and offer relevant info, but they get people in the habit of turning to 12 Keys as an addiction treatment resource.

The more relevant content your organization has on the web, the higher its credibility will be. Having educational and industry relevant content will also improve the chance of quality leads, as people will already have an understanding of your facility and its services. In addition, the more content that you have on the web, the easier it will be for your potential audience to find you and make a connection.

Establish a Resource

With the internet serving as the world’s primary research tool, family members are turning to the web to explore treatment options. This is good news for treatment facilities that have already established a digital presence. For example, a website that is loaded with detailed treatment options, case studies and resources will immediately benefit people before they even visit your facility.

Also, Research suggests that people are searching for treatment centers at odd hours of the day and well ahead of the need. These circumstances point to the need for pre-existing digital resources that are available to answer questions, ease concerns and serve as an introduction to your services. These trends suggest that providing a digital resource is becoming a necessity- a necessity that inbound marketing services for addiction treatment centers can help you establish.

Develop Loyalty and Trust

One of the primary benefits of social media is the opportunity to engage potential customers and clients in an informal way. Rather than accosting people over the phone or invading their leisure time with commercials, social media allows people to discover companies naturally. This concept is relevant for addiction treatment centers as they operate in a field that requires the establishment of a bond between organizations and the individuals they treat.

One organization that is effectively using social media to reach out to those in need is The Treatment Center, whose Twitter feed is a resource and line of communication for potential patients. This organization is sharing patient success stories, offering encouragement and pointing people toward their services. Regardless of the platform, social media is a tool that can be utilized to directly connect with your target audience.

Influence the Discussion

Considering that each treatment facility is different, it is important that people understand the benefits of your unique treatment approach. Inbound marketing materials are an avenue for contributing to the addiction treatment discussion. For example, a holistic treatment center might share content pertaining to that particular school of thought and position it as the best available approach. Discussions regarding the best treatment methods, resources and facilities are taking place everyday on the web. It is vital to participate in this conversation in order to avoid being overlooked.

With digital and social channels now the norm for modern communication, it is no surprise that more organizations are exploring inbound marketing services for addiction treatment centers. The aforementioned tips and discussion shed light on the advantages of these services and present an opportunity for treatment centers to establish themselves as industry leaders.

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