Nonprofit Marketing Trends in 2015

I’m a huge fan of nonprofit and for-profit-and-for-good organizations adopting the successful marketing tactics that brands use to drive sales. Nonprofits can harness those emotional dollars that are earned with a story and use them to literally change the world.

I was pleased to dig into the Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 Nonprofit Content Marketing Benchmark’s, Budgets and Trends report this week and discover that more nonprofits are embracing content marketing and inbound marketing methodologies.

61% of Nonprofits are Planning to use Content Marketing in 2015

These next two charts illustrate that non-profits face many of the same challenges that B2B and B2C companies face when implementing an inbound marketing strategy. Naturally they are plagued by a lack of budget and getting the buy-in from higher-ups, but they also face a lack of integration of their marketing metrics across their organization.

Nonprofit challenges in Content Marketing Nonprofitgoals NonprofitsuccessatROI

In fact, as this last chart shows, one of nonprofit’s most substantial challenges is successfully tracking their ROI.

As I digest these charts and the rest found in Content Marketing’s amazing report, I realize that nonprofits need to delegate a larger portion of their marketing budget towards inbound methodology rather than traditional interruption marketing. And if the organization can’t recruit appropriately skilled volunteers or in-house staff, they would be well-served to hire an agency to at least cover some of their core marketing needs in a way that can be measured for effective implementation.

When it comes to storytelling, most nonprofits know they need to craft a great story. As they embrace content marketing in 2015 they are also realizing that finding the right audience for their story stretches their budget and drives donations further. For more information on the specific ways nonprofits are embracing content marketing methodology, download the full report from Content Marketing Institute.

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