Creative Attention to Detail in Business

This quote by Andrew Stanton stopped me in my tracks this week. 

I read it in “Be Our Guest,” by the Disney Institute team and Theodore Kinni.

What are whispers that speak to the audience? They are the little details that may never be seen, but add richness, texture and depth to the audience experience. In Pixar’s world, that translates to adding details such as 798 Christmas lights (all now light sources that must be accounted for) to scenes in the movie WALL-E. The scene went by faster than the human eye could comprehend, and no one noticed whether the animators chose 30 lights or 798. But they chose the full 798 blinking Christmas lights in addition to the bug zappers, Japanese lanterns and other sources of lighting in WALL-E’s home.

Adding the little whispers of detail like that make the difference between a Saturday morning cartoon and a Pixar blockbuster.

What are the “whispers that speak” to your audience?

Find those details and make them pop. That’s how you differentiate yourself from your competition.

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