Why Overhead Should be a Priority for Nonprofits

Hello Mr. or Ms. Nonprofit —

I want you to know that you have my heart! I LOVE the nonprofit world, and the passion that nonprofit founders invariably bring to solving the problems that plague us and jeopardize the future of our kids. I like doing “GOOD’ one story at a time.

And you know what, my nonprofit friend? I WANT to give money to you, because you have the expertise i don’t have. you have the passion I don’t have. You have the connections to step into the middle of your particular corner of the world and make a change. I don’t.  I want to give you money.

But I can’t find you.

Do you know why I can’t find you? Because somehow, somewhere down the road, someone decided that nonprofit organizations should never invest in overhead. They decided that “every penny you give goes right to feeding the children.” And I understand that sentiment. I do. But without overhead, do you know what you have? A poorly run organization that will always be limited in its reach. You will have second rate staff, and cramped offices and hardly enough money for postage to send your annual report to your potential investors.

Without an investment in the infrastructure of your nonprofit you will not be able to tell your story. You need a marketing budget, and you need to double the number you thought you needed. Whose story matters more than yours? Please tell it out in the marketplace so that I can hear about what you are doing!

I want to know YOUR story so I can make it part of MY story.

Mr. and Ms. Nonprofit, while this is not an invitation to send me every pitch you have, consider this a call to action. Teach your donors about the value of well-spent overhead. Invest in your story and tell it. Use the wealth of business acumen at your disposal to craft a plan that creates a sustainable model for the long term, not just short term relief.

Help me find you.