12 Ways to Repurpose your Content

If there is a defining characteristic of using an inbound marketing strategy, it is the overwhelming need for a constant supply of content. Content is king, yes….and the king is hungry!

If you are struggling to keep your content fresh and flowing, look at these ways to repurpose some of your content.

  • After you have published your blog post, reformat the same information into a whitepaper or ebook. If the information needs to be more detailed, spend some time “beefing up” your blog post and adding value to it. Don’t have time to do additional research? You can hire writers to fatten up a blog post. Look at zerys.com for freelance writers willing to take on your job. Once your content is deep enough, send it to a graphic designer for formatting into whitepaper or ebook.
  • If your content is easily summarized, consider putting it into a slideshare. Upload it to slideshare.com where it can be found when people are searching on your topic!
  • Create social media quotes from your content. Find quotable snippets, combine them with graphics or images, and post away to the the social media sites along with links back to your original content if you wish. Be sure to post on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.
  • Read your posts into an audio file that can be used as a podcast. Not sure about your reading voice? Hire someone to do this for you. Check voice-over sites, Fiverr, or even your silver-tongued cousin.
  • Turn a series of blog posts into a webinar or email campaign.
  • Take a popular blog post from your archives and rewrite the post adding some fresh images and content. Re-use the topic you have already researched and double up on your SEO juice!
  • Expand one blog post into more. Did you have a bulleted list? Write a blog post on each bullet. Don’t forget to turn those into an email campaign later.
  • Rewrite your blog post for a different platform. Take a portion of the blog and rewrite it to post on LinkedIn, providing a “read more” link to your original post. You need to rewrite your original blog for the LinkedIn version so Google doesn’t penalize you for duplicate content.
  • Investigate Quora and answer questions using your old blog post material.
  • Turn old emails into new blog posts.
  • Take text-heavy content and turn it into a scannable new post with bullets and headers and images.
  • Create a FAQ page on your website with categorized lists of relevant blog posts.

With a little research and judicious editing, your content can live multiple lives on your website and across the internet. Remember to keep your Call-to-Action fresh and promote your content on the social media channels of your choice.

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