Must-Read Marketing Books for Book Junkies

We are book junkies around here.

And somehow we can’t seem to read a book without recommending it to everyone else in the company. And to our clients. And to our vendors. It’s just who we are: we love to learn and pass on useful information.

So today I noticed my Kindle reading list getting a little stale (that’s a lie – there are at least 15 unread books waiting for me), and I went in search of what everyone else “out there” is reading. I have that whole FOMO thing going with books: what if everyone else has read this and I haven’t?

But what fun are lists of books to read if you don’t share them?

Take some time to browse through these curated lists. Who knows – you may find the next big thing? If you read one that rocks your world, make sure you let me know!

The 16 Best Books About Marketing, Period. 16 Best Books About Marketing, Period. | Thought Catalog How exactly are you supposed to learn how to do it? In the course of research my book on growth hacking, I came up with a pretty simple definition: Anything that gets or keeps customers is marketing. So when when I get asked What are the best books to read about marketing? my list is somewhat unusual.






 Top Books for Marketing Leaders Books for Marketing Leaders – Puzzle Marketer | Puzzle Marketer Youre probably always keeping yourself up-to-date on the latest blogs, books, and magazines. You read about business, leadership, productivity, negotiation, marketing, social media, etc. has a list of books Id like to recommend you add to your reading list. Please come back as this is a constantly evolving list.



 [Updated] 35+ Books and Blogs All Web Writers Should Read[Updated] 35+ Books and Blogs All Web Writers Should Read Recently, someone asked if I could send them somemust read Web writing resources. By the time I was done, I had a very long list (27 to be exact.) That was back in 2012. Since then, Ive stumbled across some great new resources.



Content Marketing Bundle of Awesome 12 eBooks for Better Content Performance in 2015 Marketing Bundle of Awesome 12 eBooks for Better Content Performance in 2015 The missing piece of the content marketing puzzle for most marketers is a documented strategy according to CMI/MarketingProfs research. The challenge of creating more, engaging content often blurs the importance of answering why, for who and to what end? Solving the strategic thinking issue is essential for creating a strategy and one way to do that is totap into industry thought leadership to identify trends, best practices and examples of what content marketing successlooks like.

I close with a cautionary tale: at some point we need to stop putting more content into our brains and start acting on what we know. And I am definitely preaching that to myself. Sigh.

If you haven’t had quite enough, download this free chapter of one of our favorite books in the office. This book examines how to make all your content more visual and engaging. I’m always inspired to create something every time I pick it up.

free sample chapter - the visual marketing revolution