Writing Strategies for B2B Marketing

Once you have convinced your CEO to add inbound marketing to your marketing mix, a new set of problems arises. You have to produce content on a regular basis that connects with your audience, educates, informs and inspires, and drives calls-to-action that generate leads. And not only do you need to do this, but you need to do it regularly. Over and over. You need some writing strategies.

But don’t worry! There is a lot of help available to get your creative “muse” working for your website. Take some time to read through these articles to begin with. And here are our top five tips for creating content consistently.

  1. Keep a comprehensive list of blog topics and inspirations. Keep this list in an easily accessible place such as Evernote, Google Docs or even — gasp — a notebook!
  2. Look around your organization for coworkers who are able and willing to write for you once in awhile. The added perspectives and voices on your blog add depth and knowledge base to your work, and if you can schedule coworker content consistently, you multiply your effectiveness.
  3.  Consider alternative forms of content. Not every blog post needs to be 1000 written words. Video is one of the best forms of storytelling. Infographics add a needed break from pure textual content. Intersperse short posts with longer in-depth posts. Curate content, such as the bulk of this post.
  4. Use bullet points. Sometimes just jotting down 5-8 bullet points will get the ball rolling. I ask all our writers to rely on bulleted lists to improve focus and readability.
  5. Talk to your sales department. The questions your customers as are the topics that need content on your website. Write the answer to those questions in a blog.

Now move on to this round-up of amazing writing strategies for B2B marketing!

How To Plan A Blog Post In 10 Minutes

How To Plan A Blog Post In 10 Minutes Every website owner loves the idea of a blog. They love hearing about how adding a blog to your website is one of the fastest and easiest ways to increase traffic, improve search engine rankings, build a big email list, gain expert positioning, and attract new clients. They love the impact it can have on their social media content strategy and they love that blogging for business is free. It doesnt add another monthly bill.


5 Reasons Why Writing Your Story For People Matters More Than SEO

5 Reasons Why Writing Your Story For People Matters More Than SEO Lately, there is an enormous focus on great storytelling. Dont we all want to tell a great story each time we have a message to communicate to our audience? There is no difference here when it comes to trying to figure out the right mix to connect to an audience.There is no one size fits all approach although there are some hard and fast rules (or tips) to help propel action in a more concise and timely manner.

An Editors Rant: 7 Questions Every Writer Should Be Asking

An Editors Rant: 7 Questions Every Writer Should Be Asking I dont want you to read this. But, I dont really want you to read this. Those words dont actually appear on most screens, but thats what too many writers communicate to readers when they craft boring, generic, pointless leads.

Business Blog Writing: How to Avoid Time-Suck

Business Blog Writing: How to Avoid Time-Suck | Writing On The Web by Patsi Krakoff, The Blog Squad How do you avoid time-sucking traps when it comes to blog writing? If youre anything like me, you may have found yourself (a time or two!) with nothing to show after sitting in front of your screen for 90 minutes. You sit down with your coffee, open email, and an hour later still havent posted on your blog.

Editing for People Who Love to Write Too Much

Editing for People Who Love to Write Too Much : @ProBlogger If youre anything like me, you love words. You love prose, you love language, you love how a perfectly-constructed sentence can say so much more than just letters put in order. If youre unlike me, however, you love to use lots of words, and write mountains of prose.

 Keeping your blog content current and educational is only one component of the inbound marketing mix.