This Creative Campaign is a Real Snoozer

This may be one of my favorite creative projects yet. But be forewarned….it may put you to sleep!

At least it will if it is working as planned!

This 30 minute film — appropriately entitled Yawn — is designed as a project for the airport hospitality group Yotel. Under the direction of Floyd Hayes, Yotel and Serta developed a campaign intricately designed to, well, put you to sleep and also highlight the introduction of Serta SmartBeds into Yotel’s rooms.

The film features a soundtrack created by Tom Middleton. As Middleton says, “I’ve designed the ultimate sleep soundtrack using psychoacoustic frequencies, grey noise and ASMR whispering voice textures. Combined with ethereal dissonance, sympathetic pulse/respiration rate reducing bio harmonics and stochastic ambience induce pure relaxation and a deep, rejuvenating sleep.” (AdWeek).

All that amazing music is accompanied by images of yawning, sleeping, very relaxed and happy people.

Pure heaven.

Now as awesome as this film is on its own (and full disclosure — I intend to pop it up on my Apple TV tonight and give it a whirl), it’s also a wonderful example of inbound marketing.


  1. It is unique content. So unique, in fact, that it stopped me in my tracks.
  2. It highlights the key purpose, raison d’etre and core service of a hotel: provide you with sleep.

Yawn doesn’t sell you a hotel room, but it sure makes you want one!  This creative campaign really is a snoozer It sets a tone for an incredible customer experience at Yotel. It provides value to hotel clientele. Pure, simple value.

Yawn seems like a simple, brilliant idea…now that it has been thought of. Apply that kind of thinking to your own industry. Where are the simple ideas that become obvious? What kind of value can you bring to your customer without asking for anything back? Need help with ideas?