Cultivate Creativity in Your Marketing

Have you looked at your Twitter feed lately? Marketing is exploding everywhere! The social media landscape is loud and noisy, filled with competing brands and messages. Wading into the fracas can be daunting and discouraging. To stand out from the crowd, your organization is going to need to think differently, speak in an authentic voice, and embrace creativity.

Today we have a curated list of article that will inspire you to free your inner creative genius. Browse away!

What Is Creativity’s Value–In Marketing, In Business?

Via Recently, there has been discussion around the exodus of senior creative talent from ad agencies and other companies due to perceived lack of fun. My view? Business is not about creative self-actualization for its own sake.

Creativity in Marketing

Via Every marketer and adverting agency have one great creative idea. This presentation highlights the creativity and execution of great Integrated Marketing Communications campaigns. The execution of Every marketer and adverting agency have one great creative idea.

Make Your Content Marketing Processes More Creative: 5 Actionable Tips

Via Foster a culture of creativity in your organization Any serious content marketer likely has lingering doubts that their attempts to be more creative just boil down to finding a fancier way to say things that have already been said a thousand times. In terms of process, specifically, establishing a culture open to creativity may entail taking people out of the processes.

Marketers Talk About How They Cultivate Creativity

Via Are the best brand creative ideas today rooted in digital? There certainly is a tremendous amount of creativity being articulated digitally, but I don’t really believe its creative because it is digital. In fact, I believe it is probably much easier to get to a creative place within the digital environment today.

Why is Creativity Important in Marketing?

Via Admittedly, there are self indulgent idiots within the marketing industry who have given creativity a bad name by making campaigns that are heavy on the abstract and light on the message. However I do believe most customers, clients and people can spot the difference between wanktivity and creativity. Look at what happens when IKEA hands their outdoor advertising over their Banksy to hack.

5 Unique Ways to Boost Your Marketing Creativity

Via Relying on the tried-and-true strategies help, but things like developing a compelling offer and sharing it with your target audience are fundamentals every marketer worth his or her salt knows them. If you really want to set yourself apart with direct-mail campaigns that earn outstanding response rates and digital marketing campaigns that go viral, you need to be creative. Youve tried all your great ideas now what?

3 Reasons Creativity Is Marketing On Steroids

Via Ask yourself: what does creativity mean to you? According to the CreativeLive Creative Jobs Report, 36% of employed Americans want to leave their current position for a job that offers them the chance to be more creative–many are even willing to take a pay cut to do so. For many, creativity is a total abstract notion.

Refuel Your Creativity

Via We all feel like at times we hit the wall creatively. Creativity is a muscle and it takes exercise to keep it fit and running at its highest levels. There is a myriad of ways to get refueled creatively and each person has different go-to techniques to fill their tank.

Using visual components in your marketing is one way to establish your brand identity and communicate a taste of your creativity at a glance. Incorporate videos, infographics and more to boost your marketing clout.