Psychology and Emotions in Marketing

I came across this amazing infographic that analyzed the role psychology and emotions play in making sales. developed by Ghergich & Co and Salesforce Canada, the piece highlights something that we’ve been discussing for awhile now: information doesn’t make the sale, emotion does. Why? When it comes to information, your prospect can find as much as he needs anywhere on the internet. It’s the brand he connects to emotionally that will get the final sale. The challenge as marketers is to present factual information in the context of emotion. Know the best way to do that? Story!

Story Wins!!

Study this infographic for more information on the role psychology is already playing in your sales process. Following the infographic are a few links to interesting articles to deepen your understanding of the emotional marketing process. And finally, we’ve included a favorite video we produced for Farm Credit of Florida. It hits the notes of pride, country and optimism, something we could all use right about now. Farm Credit has had a fabulous response to this simple video because it presents story and emotion.

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The Psychology of Sales Marketing

Via Salesforce

Building a Brand Based on Emotions: A Lesson in Brand Strategy

Via Yes, practical minds can affect consumers decision-making processes, but more often than not, some type of emotion is the catalyst to a purchase. Thats why a brand strategy that focuses on building a brand based on one or more emotions is critical to brand success. However, emotional branding isnt as easy as picking an emotion, creating an ad, and watching the sales roll in.

Is Emotion Necessary To Make More Sales?

Via Did you know advertising research has shown emotional response to ads impact consumers intent to buy by a factor of 3-to-1 for T.V commercials, and 2-to-1 for print? Its also long been recognized that Atmospheric Marketing orthe effort to design buying environments to produce specific emotional effects in the buyer that enhance purchase probability has been an effective way of increase purchases for physical retail locations. So the question is, does emotion play a role in making more sales online?


How Emotions Affect The Decision-Making Process In Online Sales

Via Most digital marketers arent all that touchy-feely when it comes to improving online sales. Emotions are an unavoidable factor in online sales. It logically follows that the decisions that humans make online involve emotions Even someone who claims to be impervious to emotion has to deal with the impact of emotions on his or her thinking.

Beyond Speeds and Feeds: The Impact of Emotion in Product and Brand Marketing

Via Dense, highly technically ads are commonplace in science-related industries, so much so that the majority of marketing efforts could be characterized as complex, logical arguments designed to convince the target audience should consider buying their products. Why, then, shouldnt marketers continue to fill their expensive advertisements with as much data and specifications as they can fit? Unfortunately, this type of advertisement generally doesnt work.

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