Think Something New

Think something new.

Read something — anything — that takes your mind in a new direction. Need some ideas? Go check out this newsletter:

Alex Madrigal’s Weekly Newsletter 

Read a new book. This is one that is on my Kindle ready to go:

The Four Lenses of Innovation

Don’t read a marketing book, read something else. Something totally out of the realm of what everyone else is thinking.

Take a new class. Make something. Make something really awesome, like lasercut cupcake toppers or lamps that belong in Mario and Luigi’s world. I read about those things in this book about makerspaces:

If we keep thinking like everyone else, we’re going to keep saying the same old things.

At Visual Creatives, we’re taking the summer to think new thoughts. We’re calling it the “Blue Sky” project. I may write about it, and I may not. It’s just time dedicated to thinking about something new, and how new things fit into old habits.

So just for today, think something new with us.

Let me know if it’s something I should think, too.