Guy Kawasaki on Innovation

Happy Summer!

During the summer at Visual Creatives, we lighten up our work days. We spend some time planning, looking for new ideas, brainstorming for clients and generally indulging in a little Blue Sky thinking.

So to bring the spirit of our summer into yours, here is a video we watched this morning from Guy Kawasaki. Delivered as the keynote speech for, this is one of the best presentations I have heard from him on the topic of innovation and anticipating where the curve of your industry is headed.

True innovation usually occurs on the next curve, not the curve you are on. @guykawasaki Click To Tweet


Summary of Guy Kawasaki’s points on innovation

  1. Make meaning
  2. Anticipate needs
  3. Jump to the next curve
  4. Roll the dice
  5. Let 100 flowers blossom
  6. Niche thyself
  7. Churn, baby Churn
  8. Make big challenges
  9. Change your mind
  10. Don’t let the bozos grind you down